We represent Ouromina in Europe, a brazilian company, which exports brazilian raw materials and count with complete logistics services supply chain. Products are wood, meat, fish, grains, oil and vegetables. Our team is composed of  producers, forest engineers, domestic transporters, warehousing, port agency, forwarders as Maersk, Evergreen, MSC, CMA-CGM,  fumigators and surveyors. Our management has 34 years experience in the market.


Danbras has started activities in 2012. Our main business is international trade, within several segments. Local production and techonology exchange is also our ocupation.  The actors are present worldwide. However, starting this business is an old dream, which came into reality after hard job. Now, we have the chance to supply and provide the right produtcs and services to the right consumers at the right locations. These activities generate almost always a productive and positive development wherever we propose the challenges.

We believe that everybody shall have the opportunity to share the global resources in all aspects.


     "this dream is from 1970, when i started understanding how things in life are put together"

Time line

Along many years have accumulated precious experiences, which today give me strength to work the dream



start at school, learning things beyond my family and neighbourhood.


came to work life, facing the challenges of competitiveness in business life.


my first overseas trip, where i had the chance to experience differences. It was fascinating making comparisons.


tried out new life in other continent, with very special conditions.


the dream takes place.